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Umpire Information

Eric Kiesau

LYB President & Umpire Coordinator

Umpire Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply to be an umpire? Umpires for La Crescent Youth Ball (LYB) can be boys or girls who are 13 years old and older. There is no maximum age for umpires. To apply, indicate your interest when you are registering the player, or print out an APPLICATION (click the icon above) and mail it to: La Crescent Youth Baseball/Softball, PO Box 128, La Crescent, MN 55947

 How often do umpires get paid? Umpires will receive a check at the mid-point and at the end of the season.

What days and times do umpires need to be available throughout the summer? 
Umpires will be asked to specify when they are available to work. Games are held Monday-Thursday at 5:30pm and/or 7:00pm at various fields throughout La Crescent, MN.

If an umpire is going to be absent or cannot umpire a scheduled game, what should they do? If an umpire is unable to work a scheduled game they should contact the Umpire Coordinator immediately. If attendance for an umpire becomes an issue (repeated unexcused absences) then a course of action will be taken by the Umpire Coordinator or a LYB board member. 

What type of training is provided to become an umpire? All youth ball umpires are required to attend a free umpire clinic (course). The clinic (course) is generally held towards the end of the school year. If an umpire is unable to attend the clinic (course) they must contact the Umpire Coordinator to make alternative arrangements immediately. 

Does it cost anything to attend the umpire clinic (course)? No, the clinic/course is free. 

Can umpires work at both baseball and softball games? Umpires are encouraged to work both softball and baseball games.